Libra H2

75 kg per piece


PATENTED - In accordance with the regulation DIN 68840



LIBRA is the innovative family of CABINET HANGERS and WALL PLATES especially conceived to satisfy all the customer's needs. The LIBRA hangers are to be installed behind the rear panel with the only small cover caps left visible inside the cabinet.
LIBRA is a very resistant and reliable solution as the zinc-coated steel body is sensibly thicker, and therefore stronger.
All the models within the LIBRA family feature an innovative ANTI-TURNOVER device which is covered by patent.
LIBRA H2 is the universal cabinet hanger 3 dowels + rotary lever.
Also featured in the LIBRA family are 5 types of wall plates and 1 types of wall bars made of very thick zinc-coated steel and hardened by punched impressions.
Wall bars and wall plates feature oval holes which facilitate the correct positioning and give the possibility to carry out the horizontal adjustment.
Placement of the holes for wall-fixation has been optimised to reduce the stress on the plates and on the plugs.
LIBRA cabinet hangers allow to adjust the cabinet vertically and horizontally. The 2 movements are 100% INDEPENDENT of each other and therefore make the adjustments much easier and more efficient.
The adjustment and the locking of the ANTI-TURNOVER bolt can be carried out from the inside of the cabinet by using a standard PZ2 screwdriver.

Steel, Zinc alloy and Engineering plastic according to related version.

Capacity Loading 75 Kilos per piece in accordance with the  regulation DIN 68840.