16-29 mm

UNI EN 14749/05 and UNI 8603/05



PK2 is the new concept in wood shelf supports, to be slotted into the panel by making face borings.
It allows to join together any side and shelf, including bottom and top, without using any further connecting fitting. The panel has to be pushed downwards onto the side brackets, which can be screwed into any position required. The side bracket slots into the socket of the shelf supports and a click locks the panel in position.
To provide the furniture with structural fastening, the version with mini fix within the plastic shelf support is required. By turning the mini fix placed inside the shelf support 90° anticlockwise from the bottom, the shelf and top panel collide with the sides, providing a structural fastening.
An optional through hole Ø8mm allows you to fix also the bottom panel from the top by turning the mini fix 90° anticlockwise.

In accordance with the regulation: UNI EN 14749/05.

Technical drawings