TRIADE is the concealed mounting bracket for shelves 30 to 40 mm thick. It has been conceived to simplify the shelf installation. It is provided with three indipendent adjustments: 1) VERTICAL: before installing the shelf, the mounting brackets can be adjusted in height and (vertically) aligned through the slots. 2) HORIZONTAL: while placing the shelf in position, the supporting pins can be slided horizontally. 3) INCLINATION: when the shelf is partially inserted, the shelf angle can be adjusted front to back by turning the supporting pins with a 10mm open-ended wrench. The capacity loading is 15 Kg each (shelf weight included) for a shelf max 300 mm deep. The minimum shelf depth required is 160mm. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS DUE TO SECURITY LOCKING FEATURE - Simple additional drilling. - Small diameter hole in the shelf (only Ø 3,5 mm). - Multiple assembly and disassembly of the shelf. - Suitable for all thicknesses. - Tested on plywood, mdf and chipboard.
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