APC6 is a left/right invisible cabinet hanger with 2 semi-circular pins Ø15mm especially conceived for automatic assembly.
APC6 grants high performances even without its fixing on the top panel. It can be installed on cabinets with side panels of minimum 16mm and with a minimum sanitary gap of 15mm.
APC6 allows a vertical adjustment up to 18mm and an in-depth adjustment of maximum 31mm. The adjustments can be carried out from the inside of the cabinet by using a standard PZ2 screwdriver.
Also featured in the APC family are 1 type of wall plate and 2 types of wall bars made of very thick zinc-coated steel and hardened by punched impressions. Wall bars and wall plates feature oval holes which facilitate the correct positioning and give possibility to carry out the horizontal adjustment.
Also available 2 different cover caps: one round version for Ø20mm hole and one square version for double Ø12mm holes.