LIKU is the concealed hanger conceived to fix suspended libraries and cabinets to the wall even when their structure is conceived without the back panel. LIKU is to be inserted into the side of the furniture and can be used with panels minimum 25mm thick. LIKU, conceived to sustain very heavy pieces of furniture with very heavy loads, has a capacity loading of 250 kg per piece. This is made possible by: - The double hanging-hook which allows a uniformly distributed load on the wall bracket. - The optimized shape of the wall bracket which reduces the stress on the rawl plugs. - The robust and compact body of the system. LIKU is a very safe system as it is provided with a self-inserting anti-turnover device. Provided with 3 independent adjustments - Horizontal: 13 mm (the only available on the market) - Vertical: 15 mm - Sideways: 9 mm (6 on the wall bracket; 3 on the hanger) In combination with Rekord 14 leveller it is possible to adjust the inclination of the cabinet.