KRABY is a gas and oil stay to open flap doors. It has been conceived to be installed by using standard automatic drilling processes. It is available in three different lengths and several newton strengths to suit doors of any size. It can be fixed directly on solid doors or wider aluminium frame section doors. For small aluminium sections a range of special adaptors is available. KRABY is available in: - Automatic version: once you open the door, it continues to open gently and completely by itself. - Friction version: once you open the door, the stay holds the door in any required position. KRABY offers some relevant benefits: - The rotary knob placed on the piston base plate can be used to adjust the opening angle and therefore to align nearby doors. - By adjusting the position of the piston base plate within the "U" slot of the side bracket, it is possible to change the time in opening and closing of the door All the parts (stay excluded) are in zinc alloy nickel plated and engineering plastic.

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