Shelf supports

Shelf supports

A wide range of shelf supports suitable for all thicknesses, to create bookcases and furniture with a sophisticated design. Each product has been specially designed to meet the main technical requirements of industry manufacturers, such as the ease of installation and the safe transport of pre-assembled furniture or individual packages prepared for assembly on-site.

For this reason, most of the shelf supports are equipped with a secure shelf-locking system that ensures it does not disconnect whilst the assembled cabinet is being transported. Similarly, most of our shelf supports are designed with components that can be easily pre-assembled on panels during production, meaning smaller packages to transport and faster furniture assembly on-site.

What are the different types of shelf support?

Shelf supports: klineSome of the products in the range are simple and essential, such as K Line. Its compact size makes it ideal for the smallest shelves, e.g. those in tall bathroom units, and enhances the cabinet design by ensuring minimal aesthetic impact.

Other items, such as Secret shelf support, are completely invisible, yet strong enough to be used in double-sided freestanding bookcases.

A touch of elegance is provided by Maori: the elegant shelf support that can be installed flush with the shelf for sophisticated living rooms.

Spring and Kintai are particularly recommended for kitchen unit shelves. These two solutions allow for easy repositioning of the shelves.

Another major and in-demand series is the range of shelf supports that has incorporated the function of a structural joint between panels. They are especially used in large furniture items such as wardrobes and large bookcases.

Shelf supports: pk-2

The newest shelf support in this latest series is PK2 Pro and it represents the perfect combination of technical features, performance and design. It joins any side panel with any shelf, including bottom and top panels, without using any additional connecting system fittings. The plastic cover cap can also be supplied with customized finishes.