Shelving systems

Shelving Systems

Shelving systems serve a practical purpose whilst also contributing to the overall style of a room. Finding the right balance between design and functionality is crucial when offering a wide range of aesthetic solutions.

The Aesthetics of Shelving Systems

Diverse Designs to Suit AllTastes

  • Kaiman: Featuring a soft, rounded design.
  • Kalabrone: Boasting square shapes for a contemporary look.
  • Moon: Offering compact dimensions and sleek, refined lines.

Versatile Finishes and Shelf Compatibility

SHELVING SYSTEMS: moonOur shelving systems are available in various finishes, ensuring perfect integration with other furniture pieces in the room. These systems are designed to accommodate both glass and wooden shelves of different thicknesses.

Sturdy Support and Protection

  • Soft Plastic Elements: in order to protect glass shelves whilst ensuring stability.
  • Suitable for Different Wall Types: fasteners provided for concrete walls, plasterboard, or wooden panels.

Adjustable and Error-Fixing Mechanisms

Our shelving systems come with convenient horizontal and vertical bracket adjustment mechanisms, allowing for the easy fixing of any drilling errors.

Tilt Adjustment for Perfect Display

  • Easy Tilt Adjustment: All shelving systems have tilt adjustment features that can be easily managed using a screwdriver.

Invisible Shelf Supports

SHELVING SYSTEMS: triadeFor a minimalistic design approach, we offer invisible shelf supports, including the Triade Pro system. This range is specially optimized for specific shelf thicknesses and provides horizontal, vertical, and tilt adjustments for maximum performance.

Incorporating our adjustable shelving systems and glass shelf brackets into your living spaces not only adds functionality but also elevates the overall style. With a diverse selection of designs and finishes, and a sense of compatibility with various materials, our shelving systems are the perfect solution for achieving both practicality and aesthetic appeal in any room. The convenience of the tilt adjustments and the option to add invisible supports further enhance the overall appeal and versatility of our shelving systems.