In a challenging scenario with higher and higher global competition, it is essential to look at the future and keep on studying to anticipate the evolution and trends of every market, in order to increase our know how and expand our potential customers.

For this reason, research and development investments are the most important aspect in the activity of Italiana Ferramenta and they reflect its aim to guarantee to its customers the possibility of using products that have an important characteristic: diversity.

Our customer is a key partner also in the R&D process which aims at the product innovation. Our commitment to listen to the customers' needs and suggestions has led us to involve them directly through a concrete collaboration that helped our R&D department to develop products which have been able to meet their expectations and increase our know-how and technical skills.

The engineering and design of every product are carried out to satisfy the customers' demand but also to offer a comprehensive solution, including technical elements of innovation, aesthetical and functional benefits to be a valid partner for the leading actors in the furniture industry.

All the patents registered are proving the constant commitment of the company for a continuous improvement and innovation.


Many products have been nominated and awarded the most important prizes for their innovative features