K PUSH TECH is the comprehensive program of automatic opening systems for doors without handles or knobs. A special inner mechanism provides a very silent, yet powerful utilization, granting a long durability which makes it perfectly suitable for a wide range of doors. K PUSH TECH is available with buffer, for cabinets using sprung hinges, and with magnet, for cabinets using unsprung hinges or negative hinges. The aesthetic of buffers is now improved and the range of catch plates for version with magnet is even wider. It comes with a fresh new and even more captivating design, together with an extended program, including an innovated range of spring strengths, in order to guarantee the correct functioning even with large and heavy doors, and three lengths of the output paths: • Short – 14 mm • Medium – 20 mm • Long – 37 mm The same reference can be installed either concealed or visible, fixed with adapter housing. The visible versions’ package is composed of: push-to-open system, adapter plate and adapter housing. The new adapter housing allows to pre-install K PUSH TECH with the plate on the side of the cabinet and leave the ejector pin deactivated during its handling and transportation. The suitability of the small adapter housing for both short and medium size versions guarantees a simplified stock management. It comes with a wide range of colors: white, grey 19 and anthracite. Gap between door and cabinet is reduced Activation gap is 1,4 mm. Ring thickness is 0,6 mm. Optimal setting Increased adjustment feature: +6 / -0,45 mm. Beyond this negative adjustment the spring is deactivated. This feature allows to disable the ejector pin for safety reasons. Perception of steps indicating the adjustment of the ejector pin: every step-stop position adjusts the door gap by 0,15 mm. A click-stop indicates the maximum adjustment range. These features prevent any undesired change of position of the ejector pin during its utilization. Easy drilling Reduced depth of drill hole (10 mm less) for the long concealed version. Full-automatic mounting templates, bringing a significant advantage in productivity. Possibility of installation in tight drill-holes - Perfect functioning assured even with hole diameters with small tolerance. New adapter housing - The new adapter plates suit with current drilling pattern. - The fixing of the adapter plate can be carried out with common self-tapping flat head screws and euro screws. - The adapter plate can be used as template for the spot-drilling. Highest magnet strength available in the market. New high performing materials to withstand unusual stresses and to avoid parts’ damages. The new magnets are installed completely flush with the head of the ejector pin, in order to avoid any scratches on the door plates.