LIBRA H7 is a strong and versatile cabinet hanger especially designed for wall-mounted cabinets with heavy loads or particularly deep drawers. It is the ideal choice for vanity, kitchen or bathroom cabinets, or commercial display projects. The main benefits of LIBRA H7 are the following: - Vertical and in-depth adjustments, with integrated locking of the cabinet, can be easily and smoothly carried out from the inside; - The hanging system is never interfering with the slides for drawers thanks to the slim side bracket wings. Therefore also the use of tools is very easy and comfortable as there is plenty of space between the side and the screwdriver. - Absolutely no mills, nor grooves are required on the side panels. LIBRA H7 has two applications: with SCREW FIXING and DOWEL FIXING. Both version can be mounted with optional aluminium bars. By adding extra hanging points on the aluminium bar, the capacity loading is more evenly distributed, thus sensibly reducing the stress intensity level on the wall. In the current absence of a unifying European norm which sets the standards for testing procedures aimed at defining capacity loadings of hanging systems conceived for suspended base units, Italiana Ferramenta has simulated some of the most critical scenarios. The results or the empyrical tests are available in the related brochure.