Connecting systems

Connecting systems are a fundamental part of the construction of any piece of furniture. Because of this, Italiana Ferramenta’s research and development department has invested a lot of resources into their production.

The goal of this research is to find innovative solutions that meet the need for high-performing and easy-to-assemble products. This research culminated in the development of Target Connecting System, which offers a series of products designed to be used on different panel thicknesses and in combination with specific levellers such as LH7.20, LH7.28, LH60.20 and Integrato Tech. Connecting systems: Target

Perfectly together

Levellers and connecting systems work perfectly together, as the adjustment hole on the leveller aligns with the Target Connecting System fitting. Only one hole is drilled into the cabinet for both connection and adjustment. This system is therefore particularly suitable for heavy bookcases and wardrobes, as well as modular furniture, sideboards, and office furniture.

Connecting systems: Target & IntegratoThe possibility of pre-assembly in the panels, as well as its ease of use, also make Target ideal for flat-pack furniture. Since respecting the design of furniture must always be taken into account during the product creation process, all connecting systems are designed for minimal visual impact. In particular, Kross 8 connecting system fitting features a very small barrel diameter of just 8mm, and its dedicated accessories include an angled jointing dowel particularly suitable for 45° furniture joints.

Vis and Spiral Lock are high-performance and secure connecting system fittings specially developed for joining bedside units and panels. Dedicated drilling templates have been designed to further facilitate the assembly of connecting systems during furniture production.