TARGET J10 is a structural connecting fitting with high fastening capacity, suitable for mounting with wood dowels. TARGET J10 is an ideal solution for the installation of cabinets in tight spaces. It provides the possibility of pre-assembling into the panels without obstructing the packaging. Through an additional drilling spot on the bottom panel, it allows to adjust the leveller placed underneath with a common allen wrench. FEATURES AND BENEFITS EASY PRE-ASSEMBLING: Simple pre-insertion into the panels. Conceived for automatic assembling. SUITABLE FOR FURNITURE IN KIT: Its unique features make TARGET the ideal solution for kit furniture. NO HARDWARE KITS: There is no need of hardware kits. HIGH-SPEED ASSEMBLING: Mounting is extremely fast and efficient thanks to the pre-assembling of the panels. STRONG STRUCTURAL FASTENING: The panels are hard and securely fastened, therefore the cabinet is 100% stress-resistant. WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Practical solution with a wide range of application.