Push & mag. catches

Push and Magnetic Catches

Push and Magnetic Catches: Kimana-KPush

K Push Tech: The Main Push Catch System

Italiana Ferramenta introduces the K Push Tech system: a cutting-edge push catch solution designed to easily open doors and drawers without the need for handles. This versatile system offers three pin lengths (14, 20, and 37mm), each available in magnet and buffer versions for various applications.

Versatile Strength and Compatibility

  • Magnet and Buffer Versions: Choose between the magnet version for most hinges or the buffer version for doors with sprung hinges.
  • Different Strengths: The 20 and 37 versions come in different strengths to open various door types, compatible with any hinge.
Push and Magnetic Catches: K-Push

Easy Application and Installation

  • Door Plates: A wide range of door plates are available for the magnet version, offering easy application with pre-drilled holes, holes, or adhesive panels.
  • External or Embedded: K Push Tech can be embedded into the panel for minimal visual impact or fitted externally using elegant adapters.
  • Practical Drilling Template: A practical and intuitive drilling template facilitates panel drilling for both application types.
  • Special Installing Tool: A specially designed tool simplifies the insertion of K Push Tech into the panel or external adapter.

User-Friendly and Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Easy Activation: A gentle push on the door is all it takes to activate the automatic opening feature, ensuring convenience in daily use.
  • Adjustable Activation Gap: The pin can be turned to the right or left, allowing manual adjustment of the activation gap and door reveal to improve aesthetics.

Suitable for Various Door Types

K Push Tech is suitable for a wide range of doors, including lift-up, drop-down, and hinged doors. It is also an ideal solution for drawers without handles.

K Lock: The Magnetic Catch Solution

Push and Magnetic Catches: K Lock incasso grigioFor furniture with handle openings and springless hinges, Italiana Ferramenta offers K Lock: a magnetic catch that keeps the door securely closed. Similar to K Push Tech, K Lock can be embedded into the panel or fitted using the same adapters.

Simplify and Enhance Furniture Operations

With Italiana Ferramenta's push catch and magnetic catch solutions, doors and drawers can be operated effortlessly, without the need for handles. K Push Tech system ensures smooth automatic opening, while the adjustable activation gap and door reveal offer aesthetic flexibility. For handle-equipped furniture with springless hinges, K Lock magnetic catch provides reliable door closure. Explore our comprehensive range of push-mag-catches and magnetic catches to simplify and enhance your furniture design.