LIBRA is the innovative family of CABINET HANGERS and WALL PLATES especially conceived to satisfy all the customer's needs. Several types of fixing to the cabinet and various developements of bars and wall plates make Libra a most complete, versatile and safe system. All the models within the LIBRA family (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, CH) feature an innovative, patented ANTI-TURNOVER device which prevents accidental falls of the cabinets. The efficacy of the patented ANTI-TURNOVER device is guaranteed by its independence from the adjustments. LIBRA hangers can be placed against the cabinet top panel, providing for the possibility to place a wood screw into the top panel itself, thus sensibly enhancing the capacity loading. The LIBRA system comprises 12 mm vertical adjustment and 12 mm in-depth adjustment on all the versions. LIBRA H4 is the cabinet hanger with 3 pins + hole for fixing to the cabinet top, available in right-handed and left-handed version. LIBRA H4 is to be used only on those cabinets where the top panel is flushing with the back panel. The capacity loading of LIBRA H4 is 80 Kilos per piece.