LH levellers include a range of adjustable feet especially conceived for cabinet construction with TARGET J10 and TARGET J12. Both LH7.28 and LH7.20 are suitable for heavy duty furniture units with weight-bearing bottoms and offer 5 mm adjustment with leveller safety locking when fully adjusted. The engineering plastic glide is indipendent to prevent the scratching of the floor. The loading capacity is 150 Kg each for both versions. Specific features of LH7.28: - Minimum panel thickness 16mm in combination with Target J10. - Adjustment to be carried out with an S4 key by drilling a bespoke hole on the panel. Specific features of LH7.20 - Minimum panel thickness 25mm in combination with Target J12. - Adjustment to be carried out with an S4 key through the pinion hole (no need for extra drilling). LH60.20 is suitable for heavy duty wardrobes, bookcases, modular furniture, office furniture. In particular it is conceived for furniture with 16 mm minimum thickness in the bottom panel and plinths of 60mm high. It is possible to adjust the leveller from above, by using a S4mm allen wrench. The adjustment is 0-25 mm. The loading capacity is 175 Kilos each. If LH60.20 is installed with Target J12 the adjustment can be carried out through the pinion screw, thus avoiding visible holes on the panel. A lateral pin slots into the furniture side to achieve a structural connection, as well as an equal load distribution over the furniture side and base. The zinc alloy foot is provided with an independent plastic glide for easier adjustment and to prevent floor scratching.