Italiana Ferramenta offers a wide range of high-quality hangers (such as Cabinet Hangers and Cabinet Hanging Brackets) to meet various installation needs. Our range includes hangers for wall units, base units, suspended bookcases and anti-tip brackets.

Hangers for Wall Units

Hangers: apc1Italiana Ferramenta provides four categories of hangers designed for specific uses, including hangers for wall units. This category includes APC family of hangers and Libra H1, H2, H3, and H4 models.

  • APC family of hangers is specifically designed for kitchen wall units.  APC6 model is ideal for automatic in-line assembly.
  • There are two ways in which wall unit Hangers can be fastened to cabinets: with screws only or with screws and dowels, providing flexibility based on different installation requirements.

Hangers for Base Units

Hangers: 12-h7 cucinaAnother category of Hangers offered by Italiana Ferramenta are those ideal for base units, which includes Libra H6, CH, H7, H11, and BS models. These hangers fulfil to various base unit installations:

  • Libra H6 in combination with CH, is especially suitable for long living room base units with a drawer.
  • Libra H7, when paired with an aluminum bar, works effectively for suspended base units in bathrooms.
  • Libra H11 is designed to support heavy items such as plates or crockery.
  • Libra BS is commonly used in very deep kitchen cabinets with overhanging drawers.

Hangers for Suspended Bookcases

Hangers: liku maoriItaliana Ferramenta offers hangers for suspended bookcases, including concealed hanger model Liku. Liku is particularly suitable for structures without a back panel, providing reliable support for suspended bookcases.

Anti-Tip Brackets

Hangers: 12-h7 bagnoOur anti-tip brackets are designed specifically for tall and narrow floor-standing cabinets which require anchoring to prevent them from tipping over during drawer openings or unexpected impact. This category includes SH1 for cabinets with a back panel and SH7 for other cases.

Adjustable Cabinet Hangers

All cabinet hanger models provided by Italiana Ferramenta can be easily adjusted in terms of height and depth. This adjustability ensures precise positioning and alignment during the installation process, offering a perfect fit for any cabinet.

Dedicated Accessories for Each Hanger Family

Italiana Ferramenta presents dedicated accessories for each family of hangers. APC and Libra families offer a wide selection of wall plates and bars, as well as elegant and minimal cover caps available in various finishes to match the cabinet's overall aesthetic.

With Italiana Ferramenta's range of cabinet hangers you can find the perfect solution for your cabinet installation needs. Our adjustable hangers, along with their dedicated accessories, ensure secure and customized installation, maintaining a fluid and stylish appearance.