UNICO is a wood shelf support to be slotted into the panel by making face borings. It is conceived also for transportation, as the shelf is secured in position, thus it is a useful solution for both flat pack and rigid furniture. It consists of a zinc alloy shelf support with a ridged wing on both sides combined with a sliding engineering plastic clip. When the sliding clip moves forwards, its wedge shape inside the shelf support applies a pressure against the two zinc alloy ridged wings. UNICO boasts two main benefits: - Quicker installation of the shelf: just place in the required position the shelf supports with the wings already spread and then push downwards the shelf. The ridged wings grip into the chipboard and lock the shelf in position. - Easy repositioning of the shelf: just retreat the wings by moving backwards the sliding clips through the fingernail or screwdriver blade sockets., the wings retreat. Push upwards the shelf to release. The minimum shelf thickness to install UNICO is 15 mm.