Opening systems

Opening Systems

Our collection of Opening Systems features a number of products designed to meet the most diverse market requirements.

Unlocking Innovation: exploring the trio of gas piston stay systems

Opening Systems: k-12Three gas piston stay systems are available, each identified by a different design and ad hoc features depending on the required application.

The first stay system created by Italiana Ferramenta is Kraby System. Unlike Compact System, the door’s opening angle can be adjusted simply by turning a small knob on the side fitting.

Compact System has no adjustability but features a simple design with soft lines and is quick to install by clicking the stay onto the side fitting, without the need for tools.

The latest generation of gas piston stays is K12 System, which includes a model with an adjustable door opening angle: K12 Sytem ADJ. K12 System differs from other systems for its innovative design and the diameter of the piston itself, which has been reduced to 12mm.

K12 System, Kraby System, and Compact System are available for lift-up and drop-down doors. Kraby and Compact Systems also offer two types of lift-up opening: friction or automatic. Each system includes a range of lengths and Newton strengths to suit different door sizes, as well as specific adapters for application on aluminum doors.

Wire Systems for Drop-Down Doors: Elegant Solutions

As an alternative for opening drop-down doors, Italiana Ferramenta has designed its own wire systems.

The first was Link System, designed to perform using a single mechanism for both sides of the cabinet, with an attractive design and a range of settings to suit the many different door sizes and weights on the market.

The step change came with Kiaro mechanism, which features an extremely minimal design as the mechanism is positioned against the back panel at the rear of the cabinet. The need to reduce the aesthetic impact of the product even further has led to the creation of other Kiaro models: Kiaro Fox, which is a very small support measuring just 6cm long and 1cm high when fitted to the side of the cabinet.  Kiaro Skin allows the wire to be completely hidden within the side of the cabinet and then covered with a very small flat cover cap. Kiaro Deck is designed to cover the wire embedding on the side of the cabinet with a second panel applied behind it; this way, no part of the product is visible inside the cabinet.

Kiaro range also includes Kiaro Led, which features an LED strip integrated within the wire cover that automatically switches on and off when the door is opened and closed. This on/off operation occurs without the need for external (and therefore visible) sensors on the cabinet, but it operates based on a special switch located on the Kiaro mechanism installed behind the cabinet. The latest mechanism to join the Kiaro family is Kiaro Easy. It has the same functionality, wire, and door fitting as Kiaro, but its opening mechanism is positioned on the side and enclosed in an elegant plastic cover that can be adapted upon request to suit the finish of the panel it’s installed on.

Kiaro Easy was created primarily to meet the demand for a wire mechanism that could fit into very low and small cabinets, but its soft and strong versions make it available for any cabinet size. All Kiaro models have a non-flush door fitting version and an adapter accessory for doors with aluminum profiles of at least 35mm.