Levellers for Plinth Furniture

Italiana Ferramenta offers a wide range of levellers suitable for plinth furniture, providing stability and easy adjustments. This sub-category includes the following levellers:

Integrato Tech

Levellers for Plinth Furniture: Integrato Tech

  • Integrato Tech features two different levellers, one with a height of 12mm and the other of 20mm.
  • Various fixing options, using pins, screws, or spikes, offering flexibility in installation methods.
  • Convenient pre-assembly with a plastic insert containing two pre-installed screws for easy and accurate installation.
  • A base covered with hard plastic, allowing smooth adjustment even of heavy furniture, as the leveller moves independently inside the cover.

Rekord Tech

Levellers for Plinth Furniture: Kimana-Rekord

  • The new family of levellers made of bent sheet steel, designed to be embedded into the cabinet side panel.
  • Several recesses for the adjustment hole on the side, ensuring a perfect fit to  any plinth height.


  • Features a special design that provides dual fastening to the side panel and the bottom of the cabinet, offering enhanced support.
  • Atacama J model connects to the cabinet structure using a bush and metric thread on the side.

Levellers for Free-Standing Furniture

For free-standing furniture, Italiana Ferramenta offers levellers specifically designed to provide stability and easy adjustments. This sub-category includes the following levellers:

Integrato Tech Z

Levellers for Plinth Furniture: Integrato-ZTech

  • Designed for furniture with a floor-standing base and protruding side panel, ensuring precise adjustments and stability.

LH7.20 Leveller

  • Suitable for floor-standing bases between two side panels, providing versatile installation options.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Target J12 connecting system fitting for greater stability.

Easy and Rapid Adjustment

All levellers in the Italiana Ferramenta range come with easy and rapid adjustment mechanisms, using Allen wrenches of different sizes depending on the specific product. This allows for quick and accurate adjustments to achieve the desired level of stability.

Italiana Ferramenta's wide range of levellers and furniture levellers caters to various cabinet constructions and fixing options. With options suitable for plinth furniture and free-standing furniture, our levellers provide stability and easy adjustments, ensuring furniture is level and well-supported. Choose from a variety of designs and fixing methods to find the perfect solution for your cabinet and furniture needs. The convenience of rapid adjustment mechanisms further simplifies the installation process, ensuring a seamless and stable outcome for your furniture projects.