Discover the innovation of REKORD TECH levellers

REKORD TECH represents the next evolution of levelling technology, building upon the success of the renowned REKORD levellers. Designed to meet the demands of modern furniture construction, REKORD TECH offers concealed levelling solutions for a wide range of applications.

Superior Features of REKORD TECH

Concealed Leveller Design:

REKORD TECH is specifically engineered to be fixed discreetly within the side panels of furniture, providing a seamless and professional appearance.

Suitable for Heavy-Duty Furniture:

With its robust construction, REKORD TECH is ideal for heavy-duty wardrobes, bookcases, modular furniture, and flat-pack furniture, offering unparalleled stability and support.

Two Versions Available:

Choose from two models of REKORD TECH to suit your specific needs. The rectangular base version is designed for side panels with a minimum thickness of 16mm, while the round base version is suitable for side panels with a minimum thickness of 18mm.

REKORD TECH has many advantages, including:

  • Concealed installation for a clean and professional look
  • Ideal for heavy-duty furniture applications
  • Available in two versions to accommodate different panel thicknesses
  • Ensures stability and support for various furniture types
  • The high-precision inner gears allow for a smooth movement, even under pressure.
  • Available in multiple heights, with a maximum adjustment range of 25mm.
  • All versions grant a capacity loading of 400 Kg each.

Transform your furniture projects with the reliability and versatility of REKORD TECH levellers. Whether crafting custom wardrobes, bookcases, or modular furniture, REKORD TECH delivers the durability and functionality you seek.

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