Italiana Ferramenta boasts a stylish showroom, where innovative hardware solutions come to life and a dining area that together with the chill-out zone exude elegance, providing a comfortable space for clients and employees to enjoy meals together, relaxation and fostering creativity.


Italiana Ferramenta’s showroom is a meticulously designed and expertly organized space that serves as a showcase for the company's premium fittings and hardware solutions designed specifically for furniture.

The showroom is a sleek and modern space that exudes Italian design aesthetics. Clean lines, minimalistic decor, and a sophisticated color palette create an inviting and visually pleasing environment.

It is organized into various sections, each dedicated to a specific category of fittings and hardware products. These sections are thoughtfully arranged to allow customers to explore and compare the different options easily.

In summary, the Italiana Ferramenta showroom is a sophisticated and customer-centric space that not only displays the company's high-quality fasteners and hardware but also serves as a hub for inspiration, education, and collaboration.

Casa Italiana

Casa Italiana is Italiana Ferramenta's dining and chill-out area. Open and wide, with an abundance of light, offering a welcoming feel, it is a well-designed and inviting space created to cater to the comfort and relaxation of both clients and employees.
This area serves as a versatile environment where people can enjoy meals, socialize, unwind, and foster connections in a pleasant atmosphere. A chill-out area provides a large flat-screen TV that offers entertainment options and occasional company presentations.


Casa Italiana, during fairs, may also feature as a product showcase or display where clients can see and interact with Italiana Ferramenta's fittings and furniture hardware or dedicated spaces for client meetings and discussions.