Glass shelf supports

Glass Shelf Supports

Discover Italiana Ferramenta's wide range of modern glass shelf supports, designed to securely clamp and elevate your glass shelves. Choose from a variety of finishes to create either striking contrasts or seamless integration with your cabinets. 

Contemporary Glass Shelf Supports for Secure and Sophisticated Designs

In addition to the basic models, more technical and sophisticated products have been designed in order to securely clamp the glass while presenting an attractive and sophisticated design, enhanced by the various finishes available. 

Our wide variety of finishes further enhance the visual appeal, allowing you to personalize your shelving system to suit your style.
Products such as Grace or Kristal, with their elegant and minimal shapes, are the result of the latest design research, and allow the glass to be clamped by simply tightening a small screw.

Grace and Kristal: The Epitome of Elegant Design

Glass shelf supports: GraceGrace and Kristal are the results of our latest design research. With their elegant and minimal shapes, these glass shelf supports symbolize modern sophistication. Achieving a secure grip on your glass shelves is as simple as tightening a small screw. These supports offer convenience and modern design, making them an excellent choice for contemporary interiors.

Discover the benefits of Grace and Kristal:

  • Effortless clamping with a small screw
  • Elegant and minimal design for a sleek aesthetic
  • Secure hold for your glass shelves


Kubic is another model which clamps glass shelves with a simple manual operation, without the use of tools. Kubic is made up of two parts: a main body fixed to the side of the cabinet and an upper part that fits into the body, enabling adjustment according to the thickness of the glass. 

Kubic: Effortless Manual Operation

Glass shelf supports: KubicIntroducing Kubic: a glass shelf support that can be fully installed without the need for tools. Consisting of two parts, Kubic features a main body fixed to the cabinet's side and an upper part that adjusts to accommodate various glass thicknesses. This user-friendly design ensures hassle-free assembly, providing reliable support for your shelves.

Benefits of Kubic:

  • Tool-free installation with manual operation
  • Adjustable to fit different glass thicknesses
  • Sturdy support for your shelves

Dark Finishes for Striking Contrasts or Seamless Blending

Glass shelf supports: Grace blackThe demand for glass shelf supports with dark finishes has soared due to their versatility. These finishes are perfect for creating captivating contrasts, such as combining light cabinet finishes with dark or smoky glass. Conversely, they seamlessly blend with cabinets boasting darker finishes, achieving a harmonious and unified look.

Why choose glass shelf supports with dark finishes?

  • Create striking (impressive) visual contrasts in your space
  • Achieve seamless (perfect) integration with darker cabinet finishes
  • Enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your shelving system

Elevate your interior design with Italiana Ferramenta's glass shelf supports. Combining secure clamping, elegant designs, and a range of finishes, our products offer the perfect solution to showcase your glass shelves with style and sophistication.