LIBRA CH is a hanging solution to be combined with a pair of standard cabinet hangers to be fixed to the side panels. It is recommended for wall-mounted suspended cabinets with heavy loads or particularly deep drawers. LIBRA CH can be fixed to the top panel and to the bottom panel. LIBRA CH features a mechanical sledge, a sliding element that facilitates the vertical adjustment as well as the in-depth adjustment. The smooth movement guaranteed by the mechanical sledge allows the hanging screw, to easily adapt to vertical adjustments of the side hangers. The hanging screw is hooked on the bar and follows the horizontal adjustments. LIBRA CH features the patented ANTI-TURNOVER device. The main benefits are the following: - It is possible to use as many cabinet hangers as needed, in order to hold the required load as well as the cabinet shape. - Several hanging points facilitate the even load distribution of the cabinet on the wall bar. - The fixing to both the bottom and the top allows the hanging to be more rigid and avoids any structural failure, especially in case of swinging loads or when deep drawers are opened. - A more structural solidity is guaranteed. The adjustment and the locking of the ANTI-TURNOVER bolt can be carried out from the inside of the cabinet by using a standard PZ2 screwdriver.