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Door Buffers - Cover Caps

Door Buffers- Cover Caps play a crucial role in both functionality and aesthetic of your furniture. At Italiana Ferramenta, we offer an extensive collection of top-quality door buffers, cover caps and screw caps to fit your unique requirements. Our products are designed with durable, high-tech materials to ensure long-lasting performance.

Door Buffers - Cover Caps: bimateriale

Door Buffers for Easy Installation and Versatility

Suitable for a variety of panel sizes, our door buffers are crafted using innovative bi-material construction techniques. The engineering plastic component embedded in the panel facilitates hassle-free installation, whilst the soft rubber outer layer ensures optimal cushioning. Choose from a range of options such as K Flex, available for Ø5 and Ø8mm holes, and Blow and Soft, applicable for Ø8 mm and Ø10 mm holes respectively. To avoid the need of drilling holes, we also offer a wide selection of door buffers with double-sided adhesive patches. Match the color of your furniture effortlessly with our bi-material door buffers, available in a variety of finishes.

Cover Caps to Enhance Furniture Appearance

Door Buffers - Cover Caps: bi-materialeIn the door buffers - cover caps category, Italiana Ferramenta offers a variety of styles to suit your specific design preferences. Our push fit plastic cover caps are available for holes ranging from Ø5 to Ø35mm, ensuring a perfect fit for a wide range of applications. With a selection of finishes, including the Ø5 Niko steel cover cap, you can easily match the rest of the metal hardware in your furniture for a cohesive look. For a touch of sophistication, explore our adhesive cover caps made of ABS, available in a multitude of finishes that replicate textures such as wood, cement, fabric, leather, stone, and a vast selection of solid colors.

At Italiana Ferramenta, we offer:

  • A wide range of glass shelf supports, including door buffers, cover caps, and screw caps
  • Durable, high-tech materials for long-lasting performance
  • Bi-material door buffers for easy installation and versatility
  • Door buffers with double-sided adhesive patches for easy mounting
  • Cover caps in a variety of finishes to match furniture
  • Push-fit plastic cover caps for various hole sizes
  • Steel cover caps for a premium appearance
  • Adhesive cover caps with realistic texture finishes

Emphasize Your Furniture Design: Choose Italiana FerramentaDoor Buffers - Cover Caps: K-flex

Italiana Ferramenta is your trusted source for high-quality glass shelf supports. Our range of door buffers, cover caps, and screws caps is designed to elevate the appearance of your furniture whilst providing reliable support. With a variety of finishes, materials, and styles available, you can create a fluid and visually appealing design. Trust Italiana Ferramenta for all your glass shelf support needs.