ELEFANT is a connecting fitting characterized by a very strong fastening capacity and a very simple assembling phase which makes it suitable for heavy duty wardrobes, bookcases, modular furniture, office furniture and DIY. ELEFANT consists of a single element which can be inserted into the furniture either through automatic machinery or very easily with manual operations by the end user customer. ELEFANT replaces the traditional connecting systems such as cams and dowels or cross dowels which turn out to be less practical because of the quantity of pieces to be managed and required operations on the panels. Also, the traditional connecting fittings turn out to be less efficient considering the total assembling time. Thanks to ELEFANT, the connection is carried out through a worm gear, which can be operated from inside the furniture by a PZ2 screwdriver or by a cordless driver-drill. The 12° inclined cross socket makes the cabinet construction easier. The inner gear comes with an M6 threaded pin to be screwed onto a pre-inserted bush on the side of the furniture. Available in 3 models for 19, 25 and 30 mm thick panels. The constituent materials are zinc alloy nickel plated for the outer part, steel for the gears.