Kimana and Kimana Skin are Italiana Ferramenta's range of hinges that perfectly blend design and technicality.

Hinges: KimanaThe particular mechanism design in both models allows the door to be opened without affecting any other units or panels. Using height adjustments and specific adapters, it’s easy to modify the door overlap to suit your needs. Two other types of adjustment are available for the door: one in depth, which allows the door to be moved away from or closer to the bottom of the cabinet by +/- 2mm, and one which allows the door to be moved sideways by +/- 1mm from the centre of the hinge.

Optimized Aesthetics and Space Efficiency

The design of Kimana and Kimana Skin involves embedding the hinge mechanism into the bottom of the cabinet door, leaving just 2mm of the product visible. This optimizes the aesthetic impact and space requirements of the hinge within the cabinet.

Kimana is made entirely of Zamak and comes in a selection of 3 elegant and versatile finishes: nickel-plated, black nickel-plated, and graphite.

Hinges: Kimana-SkinKimana Skin, often considered an aesthetic upgrade from Kimana, is composed of two parts:

  • the mechanism, which is made of Zamak with the same optional finishes as Kimana
  • the cover caps, which are separate to the hinge and cover it (and its fixing screws) almost completely.

This new design brings considerable aesthetic advantages in terms of the assembled hinge’s final appearance, which is especially linear and elegant, as well as when it comes to customized finishes; because the cover caps are separated, they can be supplied in different materials (Zamak or plastic) and thus offer multiple color combinations to match the finish of the cabinet.