Drilling Jigs

Drilling Jigs

Italiana Ferramenta offers easy and practical drilling jigs designed for the assembly of cabinet units without the need for industrial machinery. Our drilling jigs are not only lightweight and compact but also suitable for use on building sites, providing convenience and versatility for various installation scenarios.Drilling Jigs: Dima connectings

Key features of our drilling jigs

Drilling Jigs: Dima shelf

  1. Bushing Drill Guides for Precise Drilling: Our drilling jig is equipped with bushing drill guides, ensuring straight and accurate drilling. These guides guarantee a precise hole placement, helping you achieve professional and seamless assembly.
  2. Lateral Holes for Efficient Wood Shaving Removal: To maintain clean and efficient drilling operations, our bushing drill guides feature lateral holes that facilitate the removal of wood shavings. This prevents clogging and ensures smooth drilling throughout the process.
  3. Lateral Brackets for Precise Positioning: The drilling jig is equipped with lateral brackets that enable precise positioning and alignment. This feature ensures that the drilling jig remains securely in place, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring accurate hole placement.
  4. Integrated Locking Knob for Secure Fastening: We understand the importance of stability and safety during drilling operations. Therefore, our drilling jig includes an integrated locking knob that provides a strong lock, ensuring the jig remains securely fastened during drilling for precise and safe operations.
  5. Printed Surface for Easy Hole Positioning: To enhance usability, the surface of the drilling jig is printed with helpful information, aiding in the identification of the exact position for hole drilling. This feature simplifies the drilling process and saves time, resulting in efficient assembly.
Drilling Jigs: Dima Triade

Italiana Ferramenta's drilling jigs offer a user-friendly solution for precise and hassle-free drilling during cabinet unit assembly. With their lightweight design, efficient wood shaving removal, precise positioning, and secure locking mechanism, our drilling jigs provide a reliable and efficient tool for your installation needs. Experience the convenience and accuracy of our drilling tools today.