REKORD TECH is a development of the REKORD levellers. REKORD TECH is a concealed leveller to be fixed in the side panels and is suitable for heavy duty wardrobes, bookcases and modular furniture, as well as for flat-pack furniture. It is available in two versions: with rectangular base for side panels with 16mm minimum thickness or with round base for side panels with 18mm minimum thickness. The round base version can be completely embedded by operating a doublediameter hole.
REKORD TECH is installed into the bottom edge of the side panel and it is then adjustable through a Ø6 mm hole from the inside , by using a S4 mm allen wrench. Even with a loaded cabinet, the adjustment is easy and smooth. REKORD TECH is available in multiple heights, with a maximum adjustment range of 25mm.
In any case, all versions grant a capacity loading of 400 Kg each.