Libra Wall Plates

UNI10768 norm and certified by CATAS


Also featured in the LIBRA family are 5 types of wall plates and 1 type of wall bar made of very thick zinc-coated steel and hardened by punched impressions.Wall bars and wall plates feature oval holes which facilitate the correct positioning and give the possibility to carry out the horizontal adjustment. Placement of the holes for wall-fixation has been optimised to reduce the stress on the plates and on the plugs. Bars and plates are available either with 1 or 2 hanger fixing positions (backwards and forwards), to be used according to the thickness of tiles or other elements attached to the wall which protrude under the fixed wall plate, in order to enhance the in-depth adjustment range without affecting the stability and resistance of the system.
Plates are provided in pairs to be used for installing two cabinets next to eachother, or to be split in two pieces for installing single cabinets.
Bars can be cut to measure in any position and are superficially marked to easily spot the required measurement. Bars will be completely enclosed within the side panels of the cabinets (for cabinets width 450-600-750-900-1200-1500-1800). Along the bars, particular modular flattenings have been created to allow the hanging of nearby cabinets, reducing to the minimum the distance between the wall and the cabinet.