Integrato with engineering plastic foot

175 kg per piece

Tested in accordance with CATAS procedures



INTEGRATO is the new leveller suitable to align heavy duty wardrobes, bookcases and modular furniture.
The leveller is installed and safely fixed onto the bottom of the carcase through a wide range of supports complete with pins and screw holes, spikes and screw holes or again screw holes only.
A further securement in position can be obtained by a countersunk 4x18mm length screw from underneath first and also 2 panhead 3,5x15 mm length screws from the side secondly if required.
A Ø8 mm through hole in the furniture bottom, allows you to adjust the leveller from above, by using a S6mm allen wrench or a 1x5.5 mm blade screwdriver.
The horizontal adjustment version allows you to adjust the leveller from underneath by using a 1x5.5 mm blade screwdriver.
Over the leveller can be slotted a spacer to give a structural support to the furniture bottom. The spacer is available in three heights (see the related page).
Capable of supporting a 175 kg load each.
12 mm adjustment
25 mm adjustment

Tested as Italian CATAS Institute requirements.