Rekord 12

150 kg

Tested in accordance with CATAS procedures



REKORD is the concealed leveller for sides 18mm thick (minimum) suitable to align heavy duty wardrobes, bookcases and modular furniture, especially conceived for flat pack furniture.
It is placed to the bottom edge of the side carcase and it is then adjustable through the Ø 8 mm access hole drilled to the inside carcase, by using a S4mm allen wrench.
The engineering plastic glide is indipendent in order to make the adjustment easier and to prevent the scratching of the floor too.
It is available in four versions: hole centres 52, 70, 96, 120 mm.
The weight transmission rapport 1:1,5 of the gears, reduces the lifting effort.

Made of: zinc alloy, engineering plastic and steel.
Loading capacity: 150 kg each.
Very light and effortless adjustment.
12 mm adjustment.

Tested in accordance with CATAS procedures.

Technical drawings