Kiaro Easy

Kiaro Easy is our elegant opening system for drop down doors defined by minimalist shapes and a distinctly smooth movement.
The unhanded mechanism is easily installed on the side panel and provides for the door opening with a slim yet extremely strong Dyneema wire.
The result is a compact and well proportioned solution for smaller doors.
Kiaro Easy is a universal mechanism that can be mounted on eiher side thus optimising stock management.
The opening strengths of the mechanism can be easily activated with the help of the pre-mounted screw on the body and allow for a softer opening.
The opening angle can be simply adjusted with an allen wrench key.
Kiaro Easy and Kimana Skin hinge provide a clean combination that reveals your design.
The cover comes in different finishes to match the cabinet interior.
Kiaro Easy is a versatile product that presents several types of door brackets.

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