Kimana Skin

Kimana Skin is our new and most exclusive hinge for doors opening downwards and upwards.
Kimana Skin is defined by very elegant shapes which give an added value to the furniture in terms of aesthetics and functionality.
Kimana flushes with the panel and becomes a whole with both the cabinet and the door.
The unique and patended design improves not only the aesthetics but also the installation onto the panel as the screws are vertically placed.
Kimana comes with 3 independent adjustments which smoothly provide for the door alignment in depth, horizontally and vertically.
All the screws are concealed by neat cover caps which come in different colours to match the panel finish.
A major benefit is given by the exclusive kinematics of the mechanism which guarantees the opening of the door on platforms, doors and frames.
Kimana is completed by a wide range of adapters to compensate different panel thicknesses and is guaranteed for at least 40.000 cycles of openings and closings.
Well proportioned in any modern or contemporary setting, Kimana Skin is a functional detail for doors opening upwards
Kimana Skin is available in several finishes: Nickel, Black Nickel, Anthracite and Grey.
Other colours are available upon request.

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